PROTECT-C is an Ultra-Powerful, 99.99% Water based Hand + Multi-Purpose disinfectant which can be safely used to disinfect not only hands but is absolutely safe to be used on the entire body, and also on all types of surfaces wooden, glass or metallic. Based on a path breaking Japanese technology, it is now being Made in India with Japanese collaboration, specially brought by us to India, to not only fight the COVID-19 pandemic, but also protect the people of India from all other types of viruses and bacteria in the future.

PROTECT-C could be a better solution to stop the spread of pandemic. It has better Virucidal properties and lowest Cytotoxicity. The product is developed in Japan to work against Corona pandemic and bio-attacks. Due to lowest cytotoxicity feature for human skin cells, this is the only disinfectant in the world which can be safely used on the entire body including the Face and Nose, Clothes and mask to kill Viruses, and Bacteria. The strong Virucidal property combined with lowest cytotoxicity makes PROTECT-C the best solution available today to stop the spread of viral infection.

PROTECT-C is developed to fight against Corona and other respiratory syndrome viruses. This is tested and approved for SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, Influenza H1N1 and many other viruses in Japan. In India IISER (Government Lab) conducted detailed study of efficacy on protein enveloped viruses H1N1, H3N2. The research and test data shows PROTECT-C quickly ruptures the protein envelope & spikes and kills virus within few seconds.

PROTECT-C is much more than a standard hand sanitizer/ disinfectant. While it is extremely effective in neutralizing Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus and molds, PROTECT-C also has the additional features of lowest Cytotoxicity – Which means that it is highly safe for our Skin and especially useful for application on children as it protects the soft and delicate skin of Children, while killing the bacteria and viruses. Scientific tests have also revealed that PROTECT-C decreases Virus infectivity.

PROTECT-C kills 99.99% viruses within 10-60 seconds. Most importantly PROTECT-C has lowest Cytotoxicity compared with 70% Ethanol based Sanitizers. PROTECT-C kills negligible skin cells, while 70% ethanol kills 91-94% skin cells. PROTECT-C is thus the world’s safest Disinfectant.

Most of Sanitizers are specific application based – example application limited to hand sanitization or some disinfectants limited to specific surfaces or Vegetables/ Fruits. PROTECT-C is a SINGLE SOLUTION for Multiple Sanitization/ Disinfection requirements. 

PROTECT-C can be safely used and sprayed on the entire body and also on every type of surfaces.

Medical experts say, that Alcohol based sanitizer’s are not safe  for children and elderly people, while PROTECT-C is tested and found to be safe  for Children and elderly people due to its extremely low cytotoxicity level. 

Alcohol/ Ethanol (60% and above) based products kill Viruses and Germs. Hence they were recommended by different authorities. However, Worldwide Dermatologist, Doctors have proved and confirmed that continuous usage of alcohol based Sanitizers or products may cause Skin rashes, itchiness, irritation, allergies and problems like eczema. Hence they were not recommended to be used on Children and elderly people.   

Until now there was no Powerful and effective solution available to fight against Viruses, Bacteria, which would also be safe on the skin and body. Hence PROTECT-C was innovated to effectively fight against Viruses and Bacteria and at the same time provide Safety to  be safe for application on human skin, especially Children and  the elderly, Animals, Pets and also Farming products, Vegetables, Fruits.

PROTECT-C is a futuristic product to protect the entire society from viral and bacterial diseases.

PROTECT-C solution is tested in Japan for SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, Dengue, Rotavirus, Hepatitis and Swine Flu H1N1 with detailed scientific study of killing protein enveloped viruses and non-protein enveloped viruses.

PROTECT-C is also tested for efficacy on various bacteria causing Diseases.

In India, Scientific tests have been conducted on Swine Flu H1N1, H3N2 at Govt. Lab. The Scientists have confirmed the same principle will be effective for SARS-CoV-2, Dengue, Chikungunya, and Hepatitis.

We are conducting various tests on diseases caused by bacteria, in different Indian laboratories and research centers.

PROTECT-C has a very high level of oxidation, bactericidal activity and eradicates the virus Protein by Radical Action. PROTECT-C when interacting with Viruses and Bacteria shows instant bactericidal activity for the required time only, and the molecules used in the process are instantly replenished. This is a revolutionary process. Because of this working principle PROTECT-C kills SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV-2, H1N1, H3N2 and many other types of viruses.

PROTECT-C has been tested and approved by


2. Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (Govt. of India)

3. Tokyo Medical & Dental University, Japan

Several other Laboratories in Japan have tested it for efficacy.

Japanese scientists have proved that, PROTECT-C has innovative Virus, Bacteria killing mechanism that enables it to permanently kill and eradicate almost 100% of Virus within few minutes. As Virus, Bacteria is totally eliminated there is no re-growth observed on human cells, clothes and all types of surfaces.

PROTECT-C is Non-flammable and SAFE as water. Hence it is extremely safe to use in Kitchen, Restaurants, Hotels, Cars, Bus, Trucks, and all types of automobiles.

PROTECT-C was developed after a lot of Research and development to provide safest Sanitizer/ Disinfectant to the world and it contains 99.99% SAFE water. Hence it is Non-Flammable.

PROTECT-C is tested for Skin and Eye Irritation, as well as corrosion as per International OECD guidelines. The test shows Skin and, Eye to be 100% safe and it does not show any corrosion on skin when exposed to PROTECT-C.

PROTECT-C is odor-less and hence it is free from any allergies too.

The cytotoxicity test has been conducted on PROTECT-C, at renowned research centers of Japan and India. (Not just labs). The tests are conducted on human dermal cells by PI assay. The Tests shows almost negligible cytotoxicity.

The International OECD guideline testing is conducted on Rabbits, Mice for Skin, Eye irritation and corrosion effect on body. The test shows PROTECT-C is 100% SAFE. The solution is further tested for skin sensation test and continuous skin irritation tests in Japan.

PROTECT-C is also tested for Acute Oral Toxicity Test and Inhalation Toxicity Test. All these tests are conducted as per drug test category. Hence PROTECT-C is considered as Safest Disinfectant. 

PROTECT-C finds a great number of applications in Hospitals due to its strong Virucidal, Bactericidal and Fungicidal features.

  1. It can be used to kill Virus, Bacteria, Fungi and mold in hospital.
  2. PROTECT-C quickly kills Virus and hence stops spread, reduces infection to others.
  3. Tested for MRSA infections in Japan. This reduces risk of spreading Viral, Bacterial infections in the hospital, COVID Centers.
  4. It is used to disinfect equipment, OPD chairs, Operation theaters, ICU Beds, safely without causing corrosion or any damage
  5. It is used to disinfect patient beds, bedsheets, clothes, used utensils.
  6. It can used to clean and disinfect air without causing any problem like asthma, pneumonia and respiratory problem to patients.

This is a newly discovered innovation in Japan. This innovative product will be manufactured in India under Make in India program, to save people and society from the pandemic.

PROTECT-C is as SAFE as water, hence if a few drops of PROTECT-C, get into your mouth, there is nothing to worry. The scientists recommend to immediately drink plain water or milk if you accidently drink higher quantity than just a small spray volume.

Yes. This is safe for children and elderly people. The solution contains no alcohol, preservatives, fragrance and damageable chemicals, hence cleaning your toddler’s hand is also safe. 

Yes. This is safe for application and can be safely used by pregnant women.

PROTECT-C is a 100% Safe Disinfectant. It is Non-toxic, Safe to Inhale, Non-irritant, and Eco-Friendly. Hence it is safe for all applications and can be sprayed all over the body to eliminate viruses and all other forms of bacteria. 

Yes. This is safe disinfectant for all living animals and protect them from bacterial, viral infections. 

Yes. It is fine to spray on clothing and any fabric. No stains observed on clothes.

Yes. This is safe water based product and hence all applications are SAFE.

PROTECT-C is 100% Safe Disinfectant for applications to be sprayed on vegetables and fruits. Disinfect them with PROTECT-C and before cooking just wash with plain water.

The product has a shelf life of 24 months from the manufacturing month, which is labelled on the bottle. Once bottle seal is opened, please keep the bottle in dark and cool place. 

You can order PROTECT-C through Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal or contact our sales team to guide you to locate your nearby distributor